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Rare-Earth free Permanent Magnets

  • Prof. Alberto Bollero Real

    PhD: Technical University of Dresden. Germany
    Previous Position: CIEMAT, Spain
    Research: Spintronics and biomedical applications
    Joining Date: July, 2010
    User Name: alberto.bollero
    Telephone: +34 91 299 87 58
    Bollero Real

    Alberto Bollero got his B.Sc degree in Physics from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He was a PhD student at IFW-Dresden, working on nanocrystalline permanent magnets and got his PhD degree at Technical University of Dresden in 2003. He was Postdoc at University of Leipzig, studying magnetic and magnetotransport properties of thin films, and Marie Curie Fellow at SPINTEC (CEA-Grenoble) on exchange-bias systems for spintronics and sensing applications. Dr. Bollero was researcher at CIEMAT-Madrid working on flexible photovoltaic films and solar control coatings for architectural applications. He began his research activity at IMDEA Nanociencia in 2010 as Ramón y Cajal fellow and got the I3 Certification of scientific and technological excellence by MINECO in 2012.

    In 2012 Dr. A. Bollero settled at IMDEA the laboratory of Permanent Magnets and since then he is Head of the Division of Permanent Magnets and Applications [http://www.nanoscience.imdea.org/division-permanent-magnets-applications]. 

    Research Lines

    • A. Bollero is Coordinator of the EU Project NANOPYME [www.nanopyme-project.eu], dealing with the search of new permanent magnets based on hybrid ferrites.
    • He is PI in a Bilateral (Germany-Spain) Project [Ref. 57050243] focused in the development of functional exchange-coupled permanent magnets bilayers with sensing applications.
    • He is PI in a National Project SIESPER [MAT2011-25598] dealing with the exchange-bias phenomenon in nanostructured films.

    These projects position A. Bollero as P.I. on research projects that total over 4.5 M€.

    Relevant publications

    • Effective high-energy ball milling in air of Fe65Co35 alloys”, P. Sirvent et al., J. Appl. Phys. 115, 17B505_1-3 (2014).
    • “Origin and control of exchange bias-like phenomenon in coupled ferromagnetic [Pt/Co]/NiFe bilayers”, A. Bollero et al., Phys Rev B 84, 094423_1-8 (2011).
    • “Enhanced exchange bias effects in a nano-patterned system consisting of two perpendicularly-coupled ferromagnets”, A. Bollero et al., Appl Phys Lett 92, pp. 022508_1-3 (2008).